Review: Typical Portuguese Taverna – Cervejaria Ramiro Lisbon

Review: Typical Portuguese Taverna – Cervejaria Ramiro Lisbon

Review: Typical Portuguese Taverna – Cervejaria Ramiro Lisbon

Cervejeria RameiroCervejaria Ramiro is not a restaurant one would stumble upon by chance. Cervejaria Ramiro is well known as a shellfish restaurant. We at Turzain had not yet and until yesterday had the pleasure of trying this restaurant which has been around since 1956 and undoubtedly deserves the fame it has since received.

We ordered few dishes to sample and to enjoy and to report back to our visitors of our experience ; ameijoas à bulhão pato (clams with garlic and coriander), gambas aguilho (shrimps fried with garlic), sapateira crab and grilled tiger prawns with a lemon garlic and butter sauce. The food was simply delicious; the bread came perfectly toasted and buttered, perfect for dipping into the clam and the shrimp sauces. Several tables around had lobsters.
Served with a fresh cold draft beer, the shellfish was of exceptional quality. The restaurant specializes in shellfish and that is all they serve with one exception – the Prego.

The Prego is a typical Portuguese sandwich , a beef steak fried in garlic and made into a sandwich , mustard is served on the side to add extra flavour , if so you wish . The Pregos that we ordered, were well done , tender and melted in the mouth . So good that …… we had seconds!

The restaurant takes no reservations and we were advised to be there at around 18.00 to get a table, which we did and managed to get a good table.

The way the food is served, is how in the old days, typically seafarers would lunch or dine, on a hearty selection of shellfish and followed by a Prego to end their meal . Cervejaria Ramiro has continued that traditional offering one of the best Prego sandwiches we have ever tasted and cooked to perfection.

We highly recommend a visit.

In the meantime, some pictures to wet your appetite…

  1. Prego Sandwiches
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