Review: Ruina Restaurant in The Old Town Of Albufeira Portugal

Review: Ruina Restaurant in The Old Town Of Albufeira Portugal

Review: Ruina Restaurant in The Old Town Of Albufeira Portugal

RuinaWe had a memorable lunch at the Ruina (ruin) restaurant, one of the oldest and best fish restaurants in Algarve.

The food, mainly fish and shellfish, is prepared to perfection, no frills or elaboration in presentation but simply warms the heart with its simplicity and taste.

The adjacent fisherman’s beach, has a long stretch of sand, a great beach to walk on by the ocean and for the children to play. The Ruina restaurant  overlooks this sandy beach .

We were greeted by the charming lady owner and the very helpful waiters.

As a starter, we chose some Algarvian shrimps cooked with garlic and oil (a specialty and a must try).

They were delicious and the sauce was exceptional. A selection of local breads, a local cheese and olives were served at the table to enjoy.

A grilled fish from the Ocean (Roballo) was cooked to perfection and served with vegetables and a very tasty tomato, onion and oregano salad. We ordered white champagne Sangria which was one of the best we ever had.

The selection of local fruits, deserts and ice creams are great and so was the coffee that followed (Bica).

We were told by friends but have to confirm, that the Ruina building has several floors, starting from directly on the beach and goes up 3/4 floors, that the higher level you choose to have a meal at, the better quality of shellfish or fish that you have, though all comes from the same kitchen and with the same taste. The smaller shrimps served by the beach and the higher you go up, the larger and then larger shrimps you get …. The prices are higher too. I am not sure if this is a joke or true …. But no harm done and the story is charming .

We cannot recommend the food enough. We are clients and since over 20 years. The owners get their fish, daily, fresh, from the fishermen.

We were told that the best tasting fish is done by fishermen. Taken directly out of the ocean and cooked in sea water there & then.

Enjoy the photos and we hope that you will sample soon and update us.

  1. The adjacent fisherman’s beach. The Ruina restaurant overlooks this sandy beach.


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