Estoril is a five minute train ride from Cascais, or a 20 minute walk along the promenade that connects Cascais to Estoril . Historically, Estoril was one of the forts built along the coastline to defend one of the possible entries into Lisbon. The fort was damaged by the 1755 earthquake but was rebuilt by the Franciscan Order. It is now the home to the Salesianos School. In the 1930’s, Estoril became one of the chosen places of refuge for monarchs, writers, politicians, artists, businessmen and people persecuted by other European countries. Today, Estoril is a cosmopolitan center, with beaches, golf courses, a casino and a conference centre. Every summer it hosts the International Fair of Estoril where Portuguese craftsmanship and folklore come together with the craftsmanship of other countries. At the fair, you may sample the typical food and drinks from several regions of Portugal.

The following are some of the highlights of Estoril:

The Estoril Casino

Estoril Casino


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Golf Courses

Estoril Golf Courses


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Pastelaria Garrett

Estoril Pastelaria Garrett

The ‘in’ place of Estoril, where locals meet to sample freshly baked breads and pastries. At their newly refurbished restaurant/cafe, they are well known for their ‘bolo del rei’ (king’s cake), a typical Portuguese delicacy.

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